Editing Writing:

Learning to edit written work is often a challenge. To help the students of 3C get better at editing their writing we have:

  • Edited pieces of writing one-on-one with the teacher. (These are the samples that were sent home for you to see.)
  • Edited several writing samples as a class. (We use our document camera so that we can all see it on the screen.)
  • Edit a piece of writing with a partners help. (They took this very seriously and did a good job of helping each other the best they could.)
  • Next, we will keep practicing these skills in a variety of ways.

School Interviews

School interviews will be held on Thursday,  March 14, and Tuesday, March 19. Book your Parent/Student/Teacher Conference HERE and follow the instructions below.Enter the code  ubry41.  Enter Your Details2.  Select the teacher you wish to see

3.  Select the appointment time that suit your family best.

Bookings close at the beginning of the day on March 13. For more information please read the letter below.

Important Dates:

Wednesday February 27th– Pink Shirt Day

Thursday February 28th– Grade 3 Students go skating in the afternoon

Monday March 4th– March Scholastic book orders are due

Friday March 8th– Term 2 Learning Summaries

Monday March 11th– PD / Prep Time (No school for students.)

Thursday March 14th– Grade 1-5 conferences

Tuesday March 19th– Grade 1-5 conferences

Friday March 22– No school For students

Tuesday March 26th– Grade 3 Field trip to Garden EXperience

Valentine’s Day:

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving everyone in the class a card.  We will be making a mailbag or box of some kind at school and the students will deliver their Valentine’s Day cards on Thursday, February 14th. If students would prefer to make cards rather than buy them, I will provide materials they can use. The best way to remember everyone in the class is to look at the list of student blogs.

Great Kids, Great Math Thinking

Today we decided to gather together as a class and share the many different ways we could think about the same addition problem. I am very pleased with how well the students were able to explain their thinking. I was also very happy that they are learning to refine their strategies and adjust them depending on the numbers presented in the problem. Sometimes kids get stuck following one procedure mindlessly even if it is not the most efficient way to solve a problem. It has taken a lot of time to refine our mental math skills, but the kids are proving it is time well spent!



Winter Art:

These snow people are loving this cold weather.  I think they are the only ones!


Country Research Project:

We are working on a country research project in social studies. Students are learning about two different countries and comparing them. As they research, they are keeping in mind two big questions that are intended to guide our learning.

1. Why do people live in communities?
2. How does where people live impact how they live?

It is a good project because students learn to research independently and practice many great reading and writing skills.

Important Dates in February:

Thursday, February 7 – Fortunately The Milk Wind up 6:30-7:30

Wednesday, February 13 – Hot Lunch

Thursday, February 14 – Valentine’s Day: wear red, pink, or white

Monday, February 18 – Family Day (no classes)

Tuesday, February 19 to 22 – February Break (No Classes)

Monday, February 25 – Classes resume

Wednesday, February 27 – Pink Shirt Day

Thursday, February 28 – Grade 3 skating in afternoon