SCC Pizza Lunch:

Kindergarten A and Grade 1-4 Pizza Hut Lunch on Wednesday, April 25th!!

We are going to be placing the orders through Healthy Hunger again for this hot lunch.  Please proceed to the Health Hunger website ( and enter your account to place your order.   If you are new and have not created an account click the green Learn more button under Parents and then signup a free account.

Cost is $6.50 per student and includes: 1 personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut, a bag of chips and a juice box (*Flavours will vary).  At the end of your order there will be an additional processing fee.

If you mistakenly order a pizza for a student that is NOT in Kindergarten A or Grades 1-4, your order will be deleted (and your money refunded).

Pizzas are ordered in advance, late orders cannot be accepted after April 19th.  Nutritional Guide available upon request.

If you have any questions about the lunch, please contact Denaye Merz at  You can also call Healthy Hunger if you have any questions about the site at 1-800-818-6260.

All proceeds will be going to the SCC Initiatives.


It is neon day at WES on Friday. Dig out your bright colours and wear them! Maybe it will help it seem more like spring??

3D Shapes

Today the kids are learning about 3D shapes by building them. No one is complaining about having to do a second period of math today. Oh the power of marshmallows!

Multiplication and Division:

Our class started a mathematics unit on multiplication and division. Multiplication and division are basic computational skills that children must eventually master in order to succeed in higher levels of mathematics. The focus of this unit is on developing an understanding of the processes of multiplication and division in order to develop strategies for multiplying and dividing whole numbers up to 5×5. Children will use counters, number lines, and arrays to develop their understanding.

In this unit, your child will:

  • Model multiplication and division up to 5 x 5
  • Find strategies to multiply and divide up to 5 x 5
  • Pose and solve story problems involving multiplication and division.

Encourage your child to share different strategies used to multiply and divide.

We use multiplication and division in many day-to-day situations.
Here are some suggestions for activities you can do at home:

  • Look for things that come in groups of 2, 3, 4, and 5. Create problems. For example: Bikes have 2 tires. How many tires are on 4 bikes?
  • Use a deck of playing cards, using only the 1s (Aces) to 5s. Shuffle the cards. Flip the first card. This represents the number of groups. Flip the second card. This represents the number of objects in each group. Have your child draw a picture to match the cards, and write a multiplication and division sentence to match the picture. Continue until all cards are used up.

Exploring 3D Shapes

We were learning about polygons, but now we are learning about 3D shapes. Here are some pictures of the students exploring edges, vertices, faces and bases.


Garden Experience Field Trip:

Our class had a great time at our Garden EXperience field trip put on by Agriculture in the Classroom!  We learned about composting, farming, plants and insects too!  Ask your child all about it!




To help us wrap up our Willow book award voting, Friday is dress up as your favorite story book character day. Sorry for the short notice. I missed this one when I did the important dates post.