Exploring Soil

Important Dates to Remember in June:

June 13

  • Spray Park in the afternoon only (Cross your fingers for good weather!)

June 19

  • Bowling (10:00-11:00) at Eastview Bowl
  • Spray Park in the afternoon only

June 21

  • Hat and Sunglasses Day
  • Family Picnic Day (Bring a picnic lunch to share with your child outside from 12:00-12:40)

June 25

  • Jumbo Freezies on sale for $1.00 each

June 26

  • Last Day of School (Bring games to play and an extra snack for the afternoon)
  • Learning Summaries sent home

Fun With Ozobots

The students are getting an introduction to coding with little robots today. There is a lot of excitement in the room as they use the Ozobots to learn the codes on the track. Eventually the students will be able to make their own tracks and use ozoblockly to code the robots to do various tasks. There is an ozoblockly link on our class blog if you want to check it out at home.



Bike Safety Rodeo

The Warman Elementary Bike Safety Rodeo was a huge success. The students had a fun time sharpening their bike safety skills.  Thank you to all of the volunteers that made this event possible. I had more pictures, but I had some uploading problems.

New Math Unit: Data Analysis

Our class began working on a mathematics unit on data analysis. Data analysis relates to the collection, organization, and interpretation of information.

In this unit, your child will:

Collect data to find information or solve a problem.
Organize data using tally marks, charts, lists, and line plots.
Construct and label line plots and bar graphs.
Read and interpret charts, line plots, and bar graphs.
Here are some suggestions for activities you can do with your child.

Have your child collect and organize data at home to help make an important decision. For example, he or she could collect and organize data to decide the flavour of birthday cake to bake for the next family birthday. Your child should write a question to ask family members, collect and organize the results, and decide what flavour of birthday cake to bake.

With your child, look for examples of bar graphs in newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet. Have your child share 3 things that she or he knows by looking at the bar graph.