Thank You!

Thank you to my students for a great year. I really enjoyed getting to know each of you!  Thank you for supporting each other. You are great learners and teachers. I am very proud of you. I wish you a wonderful summer and a great year in grade four. Thank you to parents for your support throughout the school year. It has been an honor to care for your children. I am humbled by the trust, respect and care you have offered me. Your patience, support and kindness has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for a great year and best wishes to you all!


Here are a few things I meant to post a while ago:


Students teaching their lessons on one of the important organs in the human body:


Our walk to 7-Eleven for a special treat:




This is just a quick reminder that the W.E.S. Family Picnic is on Friday June 22nd at noon. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Spray Park Tomorrow:

Hello everyone, it looks like the weather is going to be good to us we will be able to go to the spray park again tomorrow afternoon. Please send everything that is needed for some fun in the sun. It is working out well that we can be out of the school for some of the day tomorrow. Our classroom is being painted and we need to be out of it anyway. If you are looking for us at any point during the day we are in the classroom next door.


Please remember to send the kids with socks tomorrow for our bowling field trip. They will also need clothing, etc. for the spray park tomorrow. Cross your fingers for good weather!

New Health Unit: Helpful / Harmful Substances

Yesterday we began a helpful and harmful substance health mini-unit.

The students will:

  • learn to differentiate between medicines and harmful drugs,
  • learn about some of the bodies major organs, their function, and how to keep them healthy.
  • create a presentation about a major organ and present it to the class with their partner.
  • describing things a person can do to take good care of his or her overall health.
  • learn how tobacco can and other harmful substances can negatively affect the body.

Track and Field Fun Day:

Tomorrow is track day for grade 3 students. Our grade 5 volunteers are walking over to help out for the morning. They will be here around 9:20 so that is when we will plan to begin. The weather report looks good for now. Lets hope it stays that way!

Unfortunately, I have a specialist appointment that I can’t move and won’t be able to be there tomorrow. Mrs. Tokarchuk will lead the kids through the fun activities.

Have a great day everyone!