Exploring 3D Shapes

We were learning about polygons, but now we are learning about 3D shapes. Here are some pictures of the students exploring edges, vertices, faces and bases.


Garden Experience Field Trip:

Our class had a great time at our Garden EXperience field trip put on by Agriculture in the Classroom!  We learned about composting, farming, plants and insects too!  Ask your child all about it!




To help us wrap up our Willow book award voting, Friday is dress up as your favorite story book character day. Sorry for the short notice. I missed this one when I did the important dates post.

3C Paintings:

We learned a little bit about Canadian artist Ted Harrison and decided to try painting in a similar style. Here are the artists and their work: (I will add the others to the post as they finish the project.)




Important Dates to Remember:


Friday, March 16 – Grade 1-4 Learning Summaries go home

Tuesday, March 20 – Garden Experience Field Trip at Prairieland Park, Saskatoon

Wednesday, March 21 – Rock Your Socks School Spirit Day

Thursday, March 22 – Grade 1-4 Student Led Activity Conferences

Thursday, March 22 – One-day-only Book Fair

Tuesday, March 27 – Grade 1-4 Invitational/Requested Interviews

Thursday, March 29 to Monday, April 6 – Easter Break

March Conferences:

On the evening of Thursday March 22nd parents will be invited to join their child in their classroom while the child leads you through a series of activities that showcases their learning. Parents will have the opportunity to engage with and celebrate their childs learning. This type of conference is called a Student Led Activity Conference. Parents will sit alongside their child in the classroom for 20-30 minutes (or longer if needed) and their children will take them through a prepared journey of what they have been learning and how they are learning. There will be a few other families in the classroom at the same time doing the same thing and the teacher will be in the room to move between families to answer any questions and to interject into your conversation as needed.

The evening of Tuesday March 27th will be set aside for parents who feel they need to talk one on one with the teacher or if a teacher wants to request a one on one meeting with a parent. You can book your Thursday March 22nd student led activity conference time by going to www.schoolinterviews.ca and using the event code kndgt (there will be 5 openings per 30 minute time slot available for you to book). Families can book online until the day of March 21st.

If you feel that you require a one on one meeting with the teacher then you can book that time for Tuesday March 27th by contacting the classroom teacher directly. Your child’s teacher may also contact you to arrange a one on one meeting for that evening if they feel it is necessary.

Shape and Space Math Unit:

Our class started a mathematics unit on shape and space. Geometric shapes are all around us, and mathematics can help your child recognize them. Understanding geometric form will help them appreciate the geometry found in art, design, architecture, and nature.

In this short unit, your child will:

  • Identify and name various shapes with 3 or more sides
  • Build, represent, and describe geometric objects
  • Draw and talk about 2-D shapes and 3-D objects