Country Research Projects:

You may remember that before the Christmas break we were working on a country research project as part of our Social Studies and Language Arts. Most of the projects are complete now and I have begun completing the assessment form that will accompany the project. I have a stack ready to send home today and will send the remainders as quickly as I can complete them. The students worked hard through the long process and I am quite happy with the growth they have demonstrated.

Here is a description of the assignment and the process students were expected to go through:

  • Students choose a country to research. (We have a really good set of books that are written at a great reading level for grade 3.)
  • Students were to gather information about the countries land, bodies of water, natural resources, climate, people, holidays/traditions/celebrations, and a few basics about children’s school experiences.
  • For each of the topics listed above the students were expected to research and create jot notes before writing the first draft of their paragraphs.
  • Once their first draft was complete, they were to meet with me so I could help them edit before moving on to the final step of creating their final copy.
  • Their last job was to create a cover for their project and complete the self assessment portion of the evaluation form.

Things you may notice:

  • Some portions of some students projects may seem like they are copied a little too closely from the book. This did happen for some students for some sections of their projects. It usually meant they had forgotten that they needed to gather their information, make jot notes, then write their own paragraph. I tried to catch this happening as soon as possible, but there is only one of me and twenty three of them …….. you know the rest :). At a grade 3 level, it is part of learning to do research. After saying all of this, don’t be fooled! Some of the projects look like they may have been copied closely from their resources but they aren’t, they are just well written. I have to admit that I did some gentle interrogating of a few students to find out if they were skipping the jot note stage when the writing seemed a little to good to be true. After examining jot notes, paragraphs, and the books they were using I was often quite happy to see that they really were the true authors of their work.

Good work 3C!

Skating Reminder:

Grade 3’s are going skating to the Legends Center tomorrow afternoon. We will be walking there after lunch. I estimate we will be there some time after 1:15. With any luck we will be able to supply skates and helmets for those who don’t have them. We don’t have many, but it usually works out okay.


The grade 3’s are going skating on January 24th and February 8th. A note went home explaining some of the details. I supplied a digital copy below just in case the paper copy did not make it home.

Skating Note

Pita Pit Lunch

If you are interested in ordering your child Pita Pit Lunch for Wednesday, January 24th please follow the instructions on and be sure to place your order by January 18th. No late orders can be accepted.

Weekly Spelling:

You will notice that your child has 12 spelling words in their planner today. We are going to have weekly spelling tests that consist of words that are the most commonly misspelled words by children at this age.  I will also include some words that follow a specific spelling pattern and vocabulary words that are relevant to what we are learning. Please practice as many times as is needed for your child to experience success. Some students may be challenged by very few words and others may find the lists quite challenging. Either way, I think the weekly routine will be of benefit to all. We will have our tests on Fridays and record the results in the student planner for you to see on Mondays. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or questions.

Here is the list for this week:

  1. their
  2. your
  3. because
  4. someting
  5. swimming
  6. lets
  7. skill
  8. skull
  9. slug
  10. slid
  11. structure
  12. strong

Getting Ready:


With a little work the classroom is cleaned up and the furniture is back in place to receive the wonderful students of 3C again. The furniture was working great the way it was before, but I know that the students are sometimes exited to see the classroom arranged in a different way. We will give it a try and always know that it can go back to the way it was if it does not suit our learning environment.

I hope you were able to have some extra time off with your children over the holidays and had a wonderful, safe, happy, and healthy Christmas and New Years. It was a busy, but good break for me and I am looking forward to seeing the kids again tomorrow.

The new year brings a few changes to our routine and learning activities. I will provide more information as it is needed. Have a great week everyone!

Merry Christmas:

Thanks to all of my students and families for the wonderful gifts and cards. We enjoyed our last day before Christmas playing games and watching a movie. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays. I look forward to hearing all about your time spent together on January 8th! See you then!