Student Blogs:

The student blogs are now operational. If you have questions, the “Blogging 101” tab at the top of this class blog should answer them. If you have further questions please feel free to email me. The students are already sharing their learning and other written creations on their blogs. It is nice to see them so excited to write. Feel free to comment on their posts. Please remember to only use first names and don’t include any other personal information. It is easy for all of us to forget this rule. I will make sure I look them over carefully before approving them.

If you have an opportunity to help edit a post or two at home that would be very helpful. Punctuation and proper sentence structure often disappear even more when the kids start typing. Having an adult edit and submit one of their posts goes a long way in showing them what it should look like.

I wish you could subscribe to your child’s blog so that you get an email each time they post. Unfortunately that option is only available for our main class blog. I will try to have the kids write a note in their planner when they have a post they would like you to read.

Learning New Vocabulary:

We know that writers need a lot of words in order to make their writing interesting. There are many ordinary words we can choose from. These words are helpful, but there are many other words that may be more interesting to those who read our writing. We call the ordinary words ‘single scoop’ words. Like a single scoop of ice cream, they are good, but they leave us wanting more. We call more amazing and descriptive words ‘triple scoop words.’ They leave us feeling a lot more entertained and satisfied.

To help us become inspired word collectors we read The Boy Who Loved Words. Selig, the main character loves to collect amazing words and he is passionate about sharing them. Once we were finished enjoying the book, the students worked with a partner to find ‘triple scoop’ words they can use instead of always using the ‘single scoop’ words we use every day. The thesaurus in the dictionary app on our ipads is a very helpful tool for this activity. Thanks to Adrienne Gear for the ideas she shares in her Writing Power resource for teachers.


See a Need, Fill a Need:


 The Christmas holiday season is upon us!   With the season comes the thought of giving.  As we have done in past years we encourage our students to be involved in Warman Elementary School’s  See A Need, Fill A Need campaign to help others in need. The total amount of money collected will be donated to the Warman Food Bank.

In years past, Warman Elementary has gone above and beyond in the giving department.  We would love to make a big difference in the lives of others this holiday season!

This year we have three ways you can donate:

 Monday, December 3rd -Friday, December 21st – make a monetary donation and receive a paper ornament to decorate our lobby Christmas Tree.

December 6 @ Noon: SRC Bake Sale ($1.00 per item)

December 13th: SRC Candy Cane Sale. The SRC will be visiting each class at 9 a.m. to sell their candy canes (1.00 per cane)

If you are able to donate baking to the SRC Bake Sale please have your baking to the school office anytime from Dec 3rd – Dec 6th (a.m.) All items must be nut free.

 We thank you in advance for helping Warman Elementary School students experience the gift of giving to those less fortunate.  Happy Holidays!  

A Seasonal Craft:

We are taking some time to create a snow globe craft. They will decorate our classroom nicely for some of the winter months. We will make sure we post a picture of the artists completed creations when they are done.

Questioning During Reading Experiences:

We are currently focusing on the the skill of asking good questions before, during and after we read to help encourage deep thinking and comprehension.

“When readers learn to question while reading:

  • they are learning the power of asking as well as answering questions.
  • they are encouraged to be curious readers.
  • they learn that asking questions can lead them to a greater understanding of the text.
  • they learn the difference between quick questions and deep-thinking questions.
  • they learn that not all questions have answers, and often these unanswered questions will help to get at the heart of the story better than those that can be answered.

          Adrienne Gear; Reading Power

Prodigy Math

Last week I sent each student home with a note explaining prodigy math. The note included a user name and password to access the games. Hopefully all of these notes made it home. If you don’t have one, I can print them again. I put a link on this blog for those who use prodigy math at home. I hope that helps make things even easier. Have a great week!

Subway Lunch:

Hot Lunch November 21

November’s Hot Lunch will be provided by

Subway Nov. 21 & 22
Your School Community Council has organized monthly hot
lunch days through Healthy Hunger. Profits from this
initiative go into Council fundraising projects like the
recent picnic tables installed on the playground.
The dates of our hot lunches are November 21, December
12, January 23, February 13, March 20, April 17, May 15,
and then sometime in June (all WEDNESDAYS for GR. 1-5
& KA -with KB Kindergarten classes being offered hot
lunch on Thursdays).
If you already have an account please proceed to the
Health Hunger website ( and log into
your account. At the end of the school year Healthy
Hunger always erases your child(ren) from your account so
you will be prompted to add your child(ren) and which
grade/teacher they are with this year. Please ensure that
you select the city/town as Warman and the school as
Warman Elementary School. Once you have added your
child(ren) you are then able to place your order. If you
are new and have not created an account, please proceed to
the Healthy Hunger website and click the green Learn more
button under Parents and then signup a free account.
• Once you are in your account you will notice that
we have set up most of the hot lunch dates for
the year. If you would like to proceed and order
all of your lunches available to date you can.
You can also come back into your account at any
time and order or make changes to your orders.
• Nutritional Guide available upon request
If you have any questions about the lunch, please contact
Denaye Merz at You can also call
Healthy Hunger if you have any questions about the site at

Important Dates In November:

Monday, Nov. 5 – Last day for online school clothing orders

Wedensday, Nov. 7 —Remembrance Day Assembly (staff and students only)

Thursday, Nov. 8 – No classes for students

Friday, Nov. 9 – No classes for students

Monday, Nov. 12 – Remembrance Day (no classes)

Wednesday, Nov. 21 – SCC Hot Lunch

Friday, November 23 – Grade 1-5 learning summaries go home