SCC Hot Lunches

Your School Community Council has organized monthly hot lunch days through Healthy Hunger. Profits from this initiative go into Council fundraising projects like the recent picnic tables installed on the playground. If you already have an account please proceed to the Health Hunger website ( and log into your account. At the end of the school year Healthy Hunger always erases your child(ren) from your account so you will be prompted to add your child(ren) and which grade/teacher they are with this year. Please ensure that you select the city/town as Warman and the school as Warman Elementary School. Once you have added your child(ren) you are then able to place your order. If you are new and have not created an account, please proceed to the Healthy Hunger website and click the green Learn more button under Parents and then signup a free account.

• Once you are in your account you will notice that we have set up most of the hot lunch dates for the year. If you would like to proceed and order all of your lunches available to date you can. You can also come back into your account at any time and order or make changes to your orders.

• Nutritional Guide available upon request

• Kindergarten Parents: please ensure you are ordering for the date your child is attending school.

Important Dates In October:

Monday, October 7: Due date for hot dog lunch orders and money

Wednesday, October 9: Scholastic book orders due

Thursday, October 10

  • Hot dog lunch for students that ordered
  • First practice for grade 3 choir 12:15-12:40

Friday, October 11: No classes for students

Monday, October 14: Thanksgiving – no classes for students

Thursday, October 17: Learning conferences 3:30 – 7:30

Tuesday, October 22: Learning conferences 3:30 – 7:30

Wednesday, October 23: Deadline to order Subway hot lunch

Monday, October 28: Picture retakes

Tuesday, October 29: Subway hot lunch

Thursday, October 31: Halloween

Hot Dog Sale – Thursday, October 10

The School Community Council will be holding a hot dog sale on Thursday, October 10 (Wednesday, October 9 for Kindergarten ‘A’ students). Cost is $2.00 for a hot dog and SunRype Fruit Snack. Students must place order/bring payment to their homeroom teacher by Monday, October 7. Proceeds towards SCC playground improvement projects – thank you for your support.

Back to School BBQ

The WES School Community Council is excited to host a Welcome Back BBQ on Thursday, September 19, from 5:00-7:00PM. Come by to meet your WES staff. The SCC is offering FREE hot dogs, chips, iced tea, and fruit & veggies (Contact the school office if there are specific dietary restrictions they can accommodate). The SCC is accepting donations for playground improvement projects and thanks you for any assistance. This is a ZERO WASTE event and the SCC is asking families to bring their own washable plates, cups, and utensils.

Reading and Making Connections:

The reading comprehension strategy we are currently learning about is making connections.

Powerful readers make connections with what they are reading. When we read a story, it may remind us of different things.  This reminding is also called “connecting.”  We can make connections to personal experiences, other books, other media like movies, or experiences in the world.

How to Connect with your Children:

  • Choose a book to read with your child that evokes memories for you: memories of your childhood, your family, your culture, your school days, your country, etc.
  • Begin to read the book out loud with your “speaking voice.” (We have 2 voices: a speaking voice and a thinking voice. Good readers pay attention to their thinking voice while they read.)
  • Whenever something in the story reminds you of a personal experience, stop reading and share your connection: “This part of the story reminds me of…”
  • Continue reading the story with your “speaking voice” and share your connections, or your “thinking voice.” (Parents can model their thinking voice while they read to their children, to help teach and reinforce this strategy)
  • Ask your child to share any connections she or he might have.
  • It is important to remember that, just as everyone’s life story – memories and personal experiences – is different, connections are also different.  There is no right or wrong way to make a connection.

Referenced from 2006 Reading Power by Adrienne Gear

Important Dates in September:

Thursday, September 19: Welcome Back Barbecue at 5:00 – 7:00 pm

Friday, September 20: Terry Fox Walk

Monday, September 23: School Pictures Day 1 (We will write in our planners when we learn which day our pictures are on)

Tuesday, September 24: School Pictures Day 2

Friday, September 27: No classes for students

Our First Math Unit: Patterns

We began a mathematics unit on increasing and decreasing patterns. Recognizing and analyzing patterns is an important part of mathematical thinking.

In this unit, your child will:

  • Identify, extend, create, and compare increasing patterns.
  • Identify, extend, create, and compare decreasing patterns.
  • Find pattern rules.
  • Display number patterns on hundred charts.
  • Use patterns to solve problems.

Patterns can be found all around us. Encourage your child to look for patterns around the home, and talk about them.

Here are some suggestions for activities you can do at home:

  • Look for patterns in your family’s activities as marked on a calendar at home. What activities do you do daily? Twice a week? Every week?
  • Use small objects like buttons or coins to make patterns that grow or shrink. Encourage your child to describe and extend the patterns. During our math lessons we usually describe patterns using a pattern rule. Pattern Rule Example: Start with ____.  Add (or subtract) ____ each time.
  • Count collections of nickels and dimes by 5s and by 10s.
    Count pennies by 2s.
  • Find examples of geometric patterns in floor tiles or on game boards.