Some Things to Know:

  • Reminder: The on-line pizza orders are due tomorrow if you plan to order
  • October Scholastic book orders are due on Friday if you plan to order (Cheque or on-line payment only please. I have to write a personal cheque to send in the mail if you send cash.)
  • The book fair is only open during the evenings of interviews this year. It will be open Thursday afternoon and into the evening while interviews are happening.
  • Picture re-takes are on October 25th for those who missed our last picture day or just need a do-over.

Walking Stories:

We have been learning that good writers help their readers connect by inviting them to ask questions, visualize, infer, and transform their thinking.  Our most recent focus is on the structure of stories. Some stories follow a simple path and use descriptive language to capture a readers interest in a person, place, or thing.  We call these walking stories. We read a walking story titled Snow and the students are working on writing their own stories. We will send them home for you to see as they are completed.

School Interviews:

School conferences will be held on the evenings of October 17 & 19, 2017. Please see the picture below for details on how to register for a time. If you require alternate arrangements, please write a note in your child’s planner or send me an email.

Family Fun Night:

I will be partnering with Mr. Mui to do a golf game for Family Fun Night. If you could volunteer to help us out for one half hour shift that would be greatly appreciated!! Write me a note in your child’s planner if you are available 5:30-6:00, 6:00-6:30, or 6:30-7:00. Thanks so much!


Math Learning Sample:

Today, a math assessment was sent home for you to look at.  It includes examples that show some of the math patterning skills we have been learning this year.  You will notice that I included the rating scale from our progress report under each skill area, and highlighted the “achievement level” your child is able to demonstrate at this time.  Please don’t panic if you see an “Approaching” level.  It is early in our patterning unit and there is plenty of time to polish these skills.  Think of it as a snapshot of what your child was able to do at that particular moment in time.


The reading comprehension strategy we are currently learning about is making connections.

Powerful readers make connections with what they are reading. When we read a story, it may remind us of different things.  This reminding is also called “connecting.”  We can make connections to personal experiences, other books, other media like movies, or experiences in the world.

How to Connect with your Children:

  • Choose a book to read with your child that evokes memories for you: memories of your childhood, your family, your culture, your school days, your country, etc.
  • Begin to read the book out loud with your “speaking voice.” (We have 2 voices: a speaking voice and a thinking voice. Good readers pay attention to their thinking voice while they read.)
  • Whenever something in the story reminds you of a personal experience, stop reading and share your connection: “This part of the story reminds me of…”
  • Continue reading the story with your “speaking voice” and share your connections, or your “thinking voice.” (Parents can model their thinking voice while they read to their children, to help teach and reinforce this strategy)
  • Ask your child to share any connections she or he might have.
  • It is important to remember that, just as everyone’s life story – memories and personal experiences – is different, connections are also different.  There is no right or wrong way to make a connection.

Referenced from 2006 Reading Power by Adrienne Gear

Leveled Reading:

Today, the students brought home their first books from the leveled reading baskets. They are expected to read aloud for 15 minutes each day and then have a conversation about what they have read. Any 15min. reading experience can be recorded on the supplied reading log. Some students find it motivates them to read when they see the reading log fill up.  If the reading log is not helpful to you in this way don’t feel you must use it.  I am happy to supply as many pages as needed if it is something that enhances your child’s reading experiences. Happy reading!

Information Forms:

Many of you will receive your child’s School Information Form in the planner again today. There is a lot on the form and it is easy to miss some small check-boxes etc. Please fill in the highlighted areas and return the forms as soon as you can. Thanks!