Book Order Reminder:

If you plan to order books from Scholastic this month they are due tomorrow. Please remember to use the on-line order system, or pay by cheque. Thanks and have a great Wednesday everyone!


School Interviews

P/S/T conferences will be held on Tuesday, October 18, and Thursday, October 23.

You can begin booking your times on Wednesday, October 3. Book your Parent/Student/Teacher Conference HERE and follow the instructions below.

Enter the code  X8dg4

1.  Enter Your Details

2.  Select the teacher you wish to see

3.  Select the appointment time that suit your family best.

Bookings close at the beginning of the day on October 17. For more information please read the letter below.

Writing Buddies:

For some, writing can feel like a pretty daunting task. Today, we invited some friends to help us relax and remember that writing can be fun. It is always nice to see the kids use the stuffed animals to create their first stories of the year. I have done this for several years now and it is always a pleasure to see how starting off with some fun and giggling can create enthusiasm for writing. Great job 3C! I can’t wait to read your stories.

Terry Fox Marathon of Hope 2018

“Working together to outrun cancer”
The students and staff of WES will be participating in a Terry Fox walk on Friday September 28th at 1:00 p.m. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable outdoor walking shoes and dress in
WES colors – white and blue.
We will walk even in the event of inclement weather. Students are asked to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research. This year, our school goal is to raise $2000.00. We will be accepting donations September 20th – 28th.

The school cannot issue receipts for this event. If you wish to make a larger donation and receive a tax receipt, please go on-line to or forward it directly to:

The Terry Fox Foundation
1812 – 9th Avenue North
Regina, Sask. S4R – 7T4

Reading and Making Connections:

The reading comprehension strategy we are currently learning about is making connections.

Powerful readers make connections with what they are reading. When we read a story, it may remind us of different things.  This reminding is also called “connecting.”  We can make connections to personal experiences, other books, other media like movies, or experiences in the world.

How to Connect with your Children:

  • Choose a book to read with your child that evokes memories for you: memories of your childhood, your family, your culture, your school days, your country, etc.
  • Begin to read the book out loud with your “speaking voice.” (We have 2 voices: a speaking voice and a thinking voice. Good readers pay attention to their thinking voice while they read.)
  • Whenever something in the story reminds you of a personal experience, stop reading and share your connection: “This part of the story reminds me of…”
  • Continue reading the story with your “speaking voice” and share your connections, or your “thinking voice.” (Parents can model their thinking voice while they read to their children, to help teach and reinforce this strategy)
  • Ask your child to share any connections she or he might have.
  • It is important to remember that, just as everyone’s life story – memories and personal experiences – is different, connections are also different.  There is no right or wrong way to make a connection.

Referenced from 2006 Reading Power by Adrienne Gear